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Oracus: The Lavorian Rider

 When Oracus's father is killed by the mighty King, revenge is immediately sought.

But there is a dark secret waiting to be discovered. And when it is, revenge will become far more complicated.

To succeed, Oracus will need more than just a Lavorian and his superpowers.

He will need a miracle. 

(I will be posting this story on Royal Road.)


Oracus: The Emerald Pairing

 Tallarin has fallen.

Now Oracus finds himself captive of the Ulatoris while King Jowra becomes more powerful than ever before.

But the King is to be tested, for a legion of Fizorachis from a distant land have arrived on Pharia’s shores, set to invade.

These events in the north have left Oracus with a choice – either suffer in captivity, or rise to face two enemies more powerful than himself.

Pharia is being destroyed. Will Oracus try to save it? 


Oracus: The Fate of Pharia

As the war builds to its climax, Oracus’s attention is divided between ending the King’s tyranny and vanquishing the evil Fizorachis.

His powers have grown considerably since becoming a Rider, as has his Lavorian. But one tiny mistake will lead to the 

destruction of everything he knows.

The fate of Pharia lies in Oracus's hands.