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Oracus: The Lavorian Rider

The Lavorian Rider is the first novel of Paul Gaskill's young-adult fantasy trilogy.

From living in a small village where knowledge of the King's dictatorial reign is unknown, Oracus's ordinary life is turned upside down when he forges a bond with a Lavorian and becomes its Rider. When the King's soldiers seize the village and kill his father, Oracus joins the rebellion and endeavours to exact his vengeance. With a Lavorian by his side, he becomes a vital factor in the war that will determine the land's fate. 

Can Oracus survive and help to end the King's tyranny?

Oracus: The Emerald Pairing

The Emerald Pairing is the second novel of Paul Gaskill's young-adult fantasy trilogy.

What Oracus believed to be true, wasn’t. He had lived his whole life in a village deep in the forest that was unbeknown to the King. But when Oracus became a Rider, his destiny changed. 

Oracus is dragged to the forefront of a raging war, for he is a Vassath Rider with powers that can rival the King’s. The journey he faces is formidable – some say impossible – but he must succeed if Pharia is to be freed from the control of its tyrannous King.

Pharia is changing – can Oracus save it?

Oracus: The Fate of Pharia

The Fate of Pharia is the third novel in Paul Gaskill's young-adult fantasy trilogy.

As the war builds to its climax, Oracus's attention is divided between plotting the death of the evil King Jowra and banishing the ruthless Fizorachis from the land. 

His powers have grown stronger, and so too has his Lavorian, but one tiny mistake will lead to failure and the destruction of everything he knows.

The future of Pharia lies in Oracus's hands. Will he succeed?